Life begins at 30 something

Something happens to a lady when she hits the 30 years mark. Ok maybe not all ladies but in my circle of friends something happened.

You know how in your 20s you would party all night, get home and sleep with your makeup on? Remember how your metabolism was at its optimum? There was no stress when you ate that MacDonald’s straight from the club.

Those were good times.

I find that now I am obsessed with what I eat, what I drink and what goes on my skin. I am obsessed with getting my skin to look healthy and smooth. All the stuff I didn’t care for in my 20s. I am obsessed with looking and feeling great.

There’s several reasons why.

The reason I started running was so I could feel great again. And now that I am at my ideal weight…. wait for it…..51kg (YES!!!!), I want to keep looking this way. When you look and feel great, you feel like you can conquer the world. You have that “BRING IT ON!” vibe about yourself.

It also doesn’t hurt anybody to get compliments on how great you look. I know for me, what really turns me on is when people think I am 25. That really tickles me.

And you must know, we have great role models of ladies in their late 30s and 40s who are banging. I mean guys look at Uyanda Mbuli, that girl on point. She wont let herself go. She is refusing. It is not an option. Have you also seen Unathi lately? What a fireball!!  I can go on and on.

I also love that we live in the information age where these ladies are able to share with us what is working for them. The other day, Unathi  posted something about using methylated spirit to remove stretch marks. I mean that alone started a revolution. On my whatsapp group chats, ladies were talking about how they were going to buy it that very afternoon. It was that serious.

I also want to live longer and enjoy my pension money you know. I look at some of my aunts and I think aowa I don’t want to look and go through all that at 60. They have all sorts of aches and pains. I mean when I show them pics of Barbara Streisand (dithaka tsa bona) ba kwata. Wrong.

And it’s not about weight or being a certain size. Don’t misunderstand me. It’s about lifestyle. Look at Judith Sephuma, she is running and eating well. I bet she feels amazing.

So I think in our 30s we realise that we are not getting younger. We realise that we need to invest in our bodies so that they can carry us into our old age. I think we realise that getting older does not mean you can relax your standards, mkhaba and cellulite must still be fought with everything in you. I think because most of us will have kids in our 30s, we realise how important it is to keep the body healthy.

Whatever the motivation is, I am loving it. I am loving the time and effort I spend on me. My girlfriends were laughing at me when I told them that I wake up at 5h30am so I can have enough time to dry skin brush; shower; put coconut oil; put my anti-cellulite cream  and then put on my spirit cocoa butter mix. Flip in between there, I also have the lemon juice I use for pigmentation and acne scars. LMAO!! It’s a lot but listen I am investing in me here.

But imagine if I started caring for myself like this in my 20s?

Lastly, ladies I hope you are drinking your 2 litres of water each day. I add mint, lemon and cucumber in my water. Mkhaba GONE. Skin looking fresh. Try it.



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