Why mara?

So let’s talk frankly

What is the beef about?

I am talking to you Intelligent, Black, Fearless Female Manager in Corporate SA

I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I think it is time we have this discussion.

You don’t seem to be happy to have another Intelligent, Black, Up and coming female in your team.

This by the way is not to say that there is no white on white beef or whatever, this blog is addressing that  Black Female leader because its a question that has been asked in my social circles.

So lets talk…

When a young, hungry to learn black girl hits the floor, dressed in her cute ZARA navy suit, why do you look at her Up and Down? (ladies will know what look I am talking about). This is silly but I still want to raise it.

How about when she asks a question in a meeting you are chairing, why do you roll your eyes?(this has happened folks)

oh my absolute favourite…you walk up to her desk, ask to see her handbag then ask if it is “REAL”. What is that all about ma’am?

I must tell you, I have always known that I was a corporate girl. I’ve had images of myself in my blazers and shirts since I was a young girl. I know this is the place I am meant to be, not a hospital or a court. The dream was of course inspired by images of successful black females like Ipeleng Mkhari, Khanyi Dhlomo, Wendy Luhabe and the list goes on. So I was excited at the idea that in my space, I will probably get to be mentored by a female in this league.

I graduated, started working and my very first boss is a black lady. No names mentioned. It is no secret that I am a lover of #BlackGirlIsMagic so you can imagine how disappointed I was when I realised it didn’t live in my department.

So I know how it feels when you are fresh in an environment, you want to learn and also contribute but you constantly have to be made to feel small and insignificant by another female who happens to be your race and your boss. When you come into work and you constantly have to answer questions about how much your shoes cost and how come you can afford overseas travel.

Why mara?

I often wonder if white ladies field these type of questions at work

I think many young black ladies would agree with me when I say we look up to the fearless black female managers but we have been let down. We are not saying let’s be friends, we are saying mentor us. We are saying support us. We are saying stop being so interested about what my husband or boyfriend drives.

Have you forgotten how it was when you started?

Let’s squash the beef if there is

I am inspired by where you are.

Let’s squash it tuu

or am I talking to myself here?



2 thoughts on “Why mara?

  1. I think it’s an issue of being insecure and getting intimidated by the young ones. Women are naturally competitive. So the first thing that happens when the older ones meet the young is comparing their young self with you. Which is not the greatest of ideas.

    The nurturing and grooming others doesn’t come natural to some especially if their shine will be dimed in the process. I have not being in corporate but I have seen girls at work ( Management Consultancy) go an extra mile to destroy each other’s reputation or even discrediting each other.


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