I am not a runner..but I can be one.

runner2016 January I put on my running shoes and hit the road

I have had so many invitations to join running clubs, run this race, join this park run. I was just not interested.

I woke up one day and did 1km – 13:49 minutes later I was finished and thinking that was not fun.

You see I was tired of waking up tired, going to bed tired. I was tired of being a couch potato. I did not do any physical exercise for the past 10 years or so. I got bored of being boring.

The next day my thighs were so sore, I thought this running thing is really not fun.

After work I thought that I have two choices, going back to boring or going to hit the road and possibly enjoying it this time. I did another 1km. My time improved. I took a snap shot of the running stats and sent it to my girlfriends( this is the trick girls and boys). They were shocked that Sema got off her couch to go run.I was encouraged.

I ran every day of that week. I felt drawn to go out there and run. I would rock back home after work and feel lazy, but something in me was not allowing me to be a bum again. My girlfriends were checking up on me, they held me accountable. So I went back out there. Conquered 2kms the second week. Conquered 4kms the third week. MAGIC!

I am in that sweet spot now, it hurts and it is tough but I just love that feeling after you have completed a 5km run. I am addicted to that feeling. I want to feel like that EVERY DAY!!!

Listen, if you have never been active and you want to feel great and alive, YOU MUST TRY RUNNING. When the early morning breeze hits your face and you are moving your legs- it is EVERYHING!


It is one drug I will recommend to all who want to feel something different, do something different.


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