I recently wrote an email, a long one.. I got no response

I know I’m not a writer. I tell everyone I know because for some reason people think I could be great at it. I’m not. I’m a talker. And a little bit of a listener.

but lately I have a need to write, I need to get my thoughts out. Not because I think anyone will be interested in what I write but because I need to know I’m still sane.

You see I wrote an email a few weeks ago, a long email. Not my kind of style but I wrote it. I read it over and over again before sending it. I wanted to make sure that the grammar is correct. I wanted to make sure the message is clear and concise. I wanted to make sure I was making sense, I mean after all I have a fear of writing, I’ve never been good at it.

Pressed SEND. Till today no response. Lol!!!

I’m laughing now but I was very hurt. I stripped myself bare on that mail. I laid all my feelings on that email.I stripped all my layers and exposed my true feelings. NO RESPONSE!

so I took this challenge, that I’m going to write. Not to that person though, I’m going to write to myself via this blog. Firstly to prove to myself that I can give this writing thing a shot and excel. Secondly to check if I’m still sane because MAYBE the reason I got no response is that I made no sense at all. Lol! It is possible.

Look out for my blogs, I will be writing about My day.My work. My daughter. My life. My love life. My struggles. Promise not to judge ok?!

I know I’m not talking to myself


4 thoughts on “I recently wrote an email, a long one.. I got no response

  1. Wow! It’s that excellent can’t say more. Sounds professional and u sound sane because u can still be objective about yourself.

    Take care and stay blessed


  2. I feel you love.
    Whatever the reason the recipient never replied…the good thing is they now known how you feel. It is coward of them.

    let’s wait. Maybe the reply is on its way.



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